The Types of Graphic Design

For those people wanting to do a graphic design business, it’s important to know exactly what type of graphic design that will be done. Graphic design is like an umbrella, and the definition is simply ‘the practice of visual communication’.

This communication can solve problems for companies, communicate ideas or messages, or even persuade people to take an action. While certain types of design overlap and draw strength from one another, every specialization is a little different than the rest and all are constantly adaptable.

The differences can mean a lot of things, and various types of graphic design exist for prospective designers to dip into and understand, with most of them involving the same basic skills every designer learns such as visual arts, text, layout, and working both in print and digitally.

Types of Graphic Design

Types of graphic design all have a specific set of purposes, and each purpose changes the methods and needs put on the designer. Several types of design are listed below, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

Visual Identity

For every business, it’s important to have a brand and a message that they seek to send to potential customers. Most companies that have a successful brand often have a strong visual graphic to go with it, such as Pepsi or McDonalds.

That’s what visual identity graphic design is, the art of creating the visual elements of a brand that ties into a company’s identity. By using color, shape, text placement, and other methods, the emotions and message of a company can be spoken through a logo.

Motion Graphics Designer

This is a frame by frame control position. For people who love to tell stories and design through animation, Motion designers bring life to animation by making still images or words move, to keep viewers interested in what is on the screen.

These designers often use storyboards, before adding in motion to the images and then editing voiceover, music, and other visuals together to make the scene interesting. Using and having skills as an artist, editor, and knowledge of common film editing software is often a must.


Every single advertisement out there has been designed by someone and has been designed to help people make correct decisions, normally to buy a certain product or service. This is done extremely well with visuals and colors as opposed to boring dumps of information or a bland voiceover.

Marketing designers work closely with business owners and content producers to create an advertisement for the product in a certain kind of light by using print, digital, and televised media to showcase the product or service.


These are just a few of the many applications of graphic design in today’s world, and other graphic design needs will surely pop up as businesses continue to evolve their ways of working with customers. With the content for graphic designers not going away any time soon, now is the best time for any prospective designer to find their passion and start working away!